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Our Story
Our Story

During our combined 70 years in B2B Payments, Technology, Banking, Cards, Strategy and Business Development, we have informed, recommended, designed, built, partnered, and sold solutions that have delivered enhanced payment experiences, whilst enabling commercial opportunities.
Combining our skills in market development, software engineering, and our knowledge of B2B payments and banking, we saw an opportunity to build a B2B middleware platform. Capability X seamlessly connects buyers and suppliers, powers their payables and receivables, and solves complex use-cases.
In late 2021 we launched Capability X, an AI-driven, machine learning B2B payments engine built by us, for you.
- Justin & Tarik
Co-Founders at Capability X
Who We Are


Justin Cross

A strategy, planning and market development expert, Justin has worked across APAC, EMEA and the United States for more than 15 years and has been instrumental in helping organisations chart their mid and long-term growth. Justin has held various roles in product, planning and strategy functions across several household Australian brands, including ANZ, Energy Australia and WEX.

Tarik Sedlarevic
Co-Founder & CIO

Tarik draws on almost 20 years of executive management experience in the technology sector and a lifetime of passion for smart and simple technological solutions to business challenges. Most recently the CTO of a payment-tech company, Tarik has worked closely with Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Diners/Discover, Citi, HSBC, AirPlus and WEX.

Andrew Watson

Andrew is a payment industry veteran with almost 40 years of experience holding senior roles in banking, card scheme, consultancy and has led global teams within two successful fintechs: Optal and Spendvision (now Fraedom). Andrew has successfully built multiple partnerships with banks and card schemes across the globe and produced pipelines of billions.

Nigel Hysom

Nigel has had a successful entrepreneurial and corporate career. He has worked globally across multi-cultural teams and has always embraced the remote working concept. Nigel has successfully built and lead sales, product development, project, technical and finance teams across this environment. He is a recognised leader and doer and has been responsible for a succession of growth stories.
What We Believe In

To enable improved commerce across supply chains through interconnectivity, interoperability, and cash flow efficiency.
To help business buyers and suppliers optimise working capital whilst transacting more often, more seamlessly, more scale-ably, and more securely using an easy to implement platform.
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What We Do
What We Do

We deliver turnkey solutions to complex B2B payables and receivables use-cases.
We integrate to your systems and then architect and deliver bespoke B2B payment ecosystems to solve for each challenge and opportunity.
We orchestrate and connect all participants required to affect commerce across supply chains.
Our platform is scalable, serverless, secure, and enables more business to be transacted more efficiently.
Additionally, we can introduce payables and receivables funders to augment your existing arrangements, empowering your business to optimise working capital and cash flow efficiency.
Our Platform

We are vertical and platform-agnostic and create seamless and scalable Business-to-Business payment solutions for buyers and suppliers in payables and receivables environments across the globe. Capability X can connect to any platform via APIs or file imports, be it a blockchain platform, a logistics platform, an ERP, an issuing or acquiring platform, a real-time ACH or bank transfer platform and any funding source.
Capability X


Payables funding is a short-term (30-120 days) business 'line of credit' funding facility. Payables funding helps to bridge the gap between paying for your goods and recouping your money when you sell them. In short, it gives you the working capital to keep your business running while you wait for your goods to arrive and commence the sales distribution process.

Receivables funding is the provision of financing for a seller who wishes to extend credit terms to its distributors. These credit term extensions provide distributors with increased liquidity to bridge their liquidity gap until the receipt of funds from receivables, following the sale of goods to a retailer or end-customer.

Hybrid funding enables a buyer to pay their supplier as quickly as possible in order to take advantage of early settlement discounts. By leveraging card-initiated payment, a buyer is able to pay later and the supplier is able to secure payments earlier, allowing both parties to improve their working capital position.
Merchant of Record 2.0

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